7T7 bucks




Helms 191 x S100 Daughter



Gallagher Freaky x Big Dog Grandaughter

Owned with Gallagher Show Goats

Shoot Yeah

Shoot to Thrill (Gato x Double Bred Guns and Roses) x Inez (Freaky x Rolex)


Off The Record

Due to purchase agreement, this pedigree will not be released at this time.


Second Hand Smoke

Bob Allen's "Otis" x Titan



Patron Grandson


Love Tap

Shoot to Thrill x Down & Dirty



Chubby Chaser

Intensely Lilne Bred Mozart


Dirty Dawg

Down & Dirty x "1022" (Guns & Roses x Instant Addiction's Mother)



Guns N Roses

No Way x 720 Doe